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About Compass The essence of COMPASS is our collective connection to the outdoors life, camping,water, sking etc. It’s a place of escape, a place where we do the things we love, sometimes the place where we do our best thinking or, maybe, the only place where we don’t think at all. Whether you’re into surfing, kite boarding, sailing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, or just sitting on the beach or mountain staring out at the sea or the sky, you know water and air is part of your DNA. It’s the place that takes you exactly as you are but always leaves you somehow changed…for the better. We wanted to find a way to take a little piece of that feeling with us no matter where we found ourselves. So, we started making things that come from what is found or functional from that place. Couple that with a love of great design and you have our current collection of wristwear, wallets, sportwear and necklaces. Our pieces are what we wear to remind of us our love of outdoors life and who we are when we’re in, on, around it. It’s that instantaneous internal adjustment to put us back in that (happy) place and an external badge of honor to show what we’re really about. The outdoor life. Here’s how we think about it… COMPASS. We outfit your outdoor !!.

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